Kofounder is a global team of passionate business launch and growth specialists

With professionals located in Australia, Asia, Europe and USA, our services are available to almost any business in any industry. From Business Coaches to Digital Marketers to Software Engineers to Financial experts, Kofounder can provide the human resources you need to successfully launch and grow your startup.

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Meet our co-founders

Kane Robinson - Co-founder

Kane's an all-rounder with variety of professional skills and life experiences. 

From hauling heavy weapons as a specialist soldier, to engineering mining infrastructure, to building websites & marketing campaigns, to being CEO of a  multimillion dollar tech-start up, to discussing nail polish colours as a salon-chain owner, to mixing tunes as a DJ business owner and helping friends and family to launch and grow their own businesses, Kane's highly adaptable - like a jack of all trades.

"Through my various life experiences, it’s become obvious that owning and managing businesses (being an entrepreneur) is the most powerful career path for delivering true independence, purpose, and prosperity in life...

...and through trial and error I've grown to realise that business is best done with a team rather than going solo.

I've developed a great passion for helping others to launch and thrive in their own business and Kofounder enables me to do this at scale.

Jake Robinson - Co-founder

In short, Jake's a proud father of 3 rat bags and a multi award winning entrepreneur who’s successfully launched and scaled multiple start ups across a range of industries and categories.

The companies Jake has founded (or co-founded) typically exceed 100% YoY growth, are profitable, have collectively generated tens of millions in revenue, tens of millions of private investment and have provided work for thousands of professionals globally.

Jake's out-of-the-box creativity, business intelligence and engineering mindset, enable him to sniff out business opportunities like a blood hound... 

...and he can transform marketing, sales, product and operational systems in just about any business to unlock growth, improve efficiency and increase profit.

"Let me peak inside your business and I'll find multiple ways for you to level up - across any department. 

I love the thrill of finding new business opportunities in emerging markets and helping people to design and build innovative products and services... and then bring them to market."

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